About Art In The Park

Art in the Park began over 25 years ago as the result of a collaborative effort between Trinity Bellwoods Community Children’s Group/CARE and the City of Toronto’s Trinity Community Recreation Centre. The camp is located outdoors in a secure, fenced-in area of Trinity Bellwoods Park.


Art In The Park uses a child-centered approach to provide specialized art-oriented programming for children aged 6-12, meaning campers can move freely from area to area and participate in activities at their own pace.

There are 5-6 outdoor, artist-run stations, in addition to other activity areas set up throughout the day. Some of the artist’s stations we have offered include:  woodworking, textiles, music, jewelry-making, drama, dance, sculpture, paper mache, clay and painting. Counsellors and ECE staff supplement the arts programming by running additional activities throughout the day. These activities include sand and water play, sports and games, table tennis, swimming and cooperative games. 

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