If your child has an EPI Pen, you must also fill out an Individual Emergency Plan and train our staff on the plan. If your child requires special medication, you must fill out a Medical Administration form.

Lunches & Refreshments

Please provide your child with a healthy lunch each day and a clearly labeled water bottle to be refilled as needed at the program. Water will be available on site at all times. We do not have refrigeration or heating appliances, so please avoid foods that will spoil quickly. All lunches should be packed in insulated lunch bags or be put in coolers located at the site. Art in the Park is an allergy-safe environment. Please ensure that lunches and snacks do not contain any nut products as we have children in the program with severe, life-threatening allergies.

Clothing and Footwear

Your child should wear comfortable play clothing and footwear. We recommend running shoes instead of sandals and durable clothing that your child can get dirty in. Dress your child appropriately for the weather. Your child should wear a hat with a wide brim or flap to help shade eyes, ears and neck areas. We recommend that your child have long-sleeved shirts and long pants to shield their skin from the sun. Extra clothing such as sweatshirts and/or a light jacket should be included for cold and windy days.

Sunscreen & Mosquito Repellent 

Sunscreen and mosquito repellent should be applied at home prior to arrival at Art in the Park. Please provide your child with their own, clearly labeled bottle of sunscreen, with SPF 15 or higher for them to reapply as needed. Should your child not have their own sunscreen with them, the program’s sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher and UVA/ UVB protection will be available for their use. We will assist your child in applying their own sunscreen throughout the day as the need arises.  Although an outdoor program, Art in the Park will make every effort to ensure that children are not playing in direct sunlight during the hours of 11am and 4pm.

Rainy Days and Weather Advisory Warning Days 

On rainy days, Art in the Park moves indoors to the lower level of Trinity Community Recreation Centre or at Artscape Youngplace. Rigorous outdoor sports activities will be limited and/or avoided during smog/heat/humidity advisory warnings. Programming may move indoors on such days.


Children are escorted to gender specific bathrooms in the Trinity Community Recreation Centre. We recommend that your child have a change of clothing in case of accidents.


Any medication your child needs to take must be given to and administered by a registered Early Childhood Educator. All medications must be provided in original containers. It will be administered according to written instructions provided by the parent/ doctor (form to be provided). Children cannot self-medicate. Any medication will be confiscated (with the exception of puffers and/or EPI Pens).

EPI Pens / Puffers / Medical Conditions

Children must carry EPI Pens and asthma puffers at all times in a fanny pack. Parents must train Art in the Park staff on their child’s individual emergency plan prior to starting a session or their child cannot attend.


Swimming is an optional daily activity for the Full Day Program campers only. Ensure your child bring their bathing suit and towel every day if they are in the full day program. Due to the large number of “non-swimmers” (children who wish to be in the pool but are unable to swim), a high staff/child ratio is required. Ensuring proper ratios is a challenge and may require “non-swimmers” to be split into two groups that swim on alternating days. We welcome parent volunteers!

Lost And Found

Clearly label all clothing items as well as water bottles, lunch boxes and knapsacks. Remember to check our “Lost & Found” bin on a regular basis. Clothing not claimed will be given to charity at the end of August. Toys and other expensive items should not be brought to camp in order to prevent loss or damage. Art in the Park/ CARE Program will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items of any kind. Bikes and scooters must be locked up to bike racks.