Q – How do I register?

A – Registration for Summer 2020 will commence on Friday, February 21, 2020 at 8:00am and is completed online using a program called CampBrain. Click the link below to set up your CampBrain account ahead of the registration date.

Registration portal: https://artinthepark.campbrainregistration.com/ 

Q – What forms of payment are accepted?

A – We accept Visa and MasterCard payments at point of registration.

Q – How are the children grouped for lunch?

A – There are lunch groups set up every Monday morning. If you require your child to be with a specific child (e.g. sibling) let the staff know and we will make an effort to put the children together. Due to group size ratios and group dynamics, we may not always be able to honour these requests.

Q - My child is 5, but turning 6 soon, can I sign them up?

A - Unfortunately, no. Children must be 6 years old OR turning 6 within the week they attend camp.

Q – What happens when it rains?

A – Please dress your child for the weather.

If there is significant rain during the day we will move a a portion of the programming to Trinity Bellwoods Community Centre (155 Crawford St, Toronto, ON M6J 1G3), lower level "CARE" room and the other portion of our program to Cathedral of the Nativity of the Mother of God (257 Shaw St, Toronto, ON M6J 2W7), lower level multi-purpose room. Children will continue to do arts based activities in both locations.

If it is raining in the morning when you are dropping off your child/ren off,  please take them to the Trinity Bellwoods Community Centre (155 Crawford St, Toronto, ON M6J 1G3), lower level "CARE" room. We will be keeping watch on the weather and may resume activities outside if it stops raining.

We strongly recommend that you please call our site cell phone to ask where your child will be at pickup time. 416-407-6138

Q – Is there swimming?

A – Swimming is included in the "Extended" or "Full Time" program only. Swimming is offered to the Extended program campers each day, they may choose whether or not they wish to swim. Swimming takes place at Trinity Bellwoods Community Centre (155 Crawford St, Toronto, ON M6J 1G3) from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Please ensure your child has their swim suit and towel if they wish to swim. 

Q – Can my child wear flip flops to AITP?

A – We recommend the children wear closed-toe and closed-heel shoes (running shoes).


Please note that children wearing flip flops or open-toe shoes/sandals will not be permitted in the sand area.

Q – Will there be sunscreen or bug spray available?

A – No. Please send your child with clearly labeled sunscreen and/or insect repellent. We do not have these products available for camper use, but we but we WILL be available to help the children to apply their sunscreen and/or insect repellent, if required.

Q – Does AITP provide lunches?

A – No, we do not provide lunches. Please ensure your child has plenty of lunch and healthy snacks available. There is drinking water available on site, so please ensure you send a labeled water bottle for refills.

Q – Does AITP provide snack?

A – NEW 2020 No, AITP no longer provides an afternoon snack. Please ensure your child has plenty of lunch and healthy snacks available. 


Q – What if I am out of town/stuck at work and I need someone else to pick up my child/ren?

A – If you need someone other than your spouse to pick up your child send a signed note with your child notifying the “desk” staff of the name of the person picking up your child. If this is not possible, please call the site cell phone at 416-407-6138 and let them know the person’s name. The staff will ask for identification from the authorized person.

Q – Can my child bring a peanut butter sandwich/nut products to AITP?

A – No, Art In The Park is a nut free environment. Please ensure lunches and snack do NOT contain nuts.

Q – Where are the bathrooms?

A – The children are escorted to the bathrooms located in the community centre. It is advised to send a change of clothes with your child in case of accidents.

Q – What if my child loses their water bottle/lunch bag/hat/etc?

A – There is a lost and found bin located just inside the site gates. Please check for lost items on a regular basis. We strongly recommend that you clearly label water bottles, lunch bags and clothing with your child's name.



Q - Can my child bring their cell-phone/iPad/GameBoy/etc. ?

A - Electronic devices are not permitted for use during AITP so they must be left in the child’s backpack. We recommend leaving these items at home, if possible.  AITP is not responsible if these devices are stolen. If your child needs to call you before going home, they can ask to use the AITP cell phone at the front desk.

Q – Can my child ride their bike or scooter to AITP?

A – Yes they can ride their bikes or scooters BUT they must be left outside the site area. We recommend you send a bike lock to lock them to the bike racks. AITP can not be responsible for bikes or scooters left locked through out the day. If the camp re-locates inside the Community Centre or to our rain location during the day, it will be the child's responsibility to move the bike/scooter if it is not locked up.