Under shady, one-hundred-year-old elm and maple trees, children make art, create drama productions, garden, sculpt, or play in the giant sand pit!  Children move through the activities at their own pace, taking ownership of their experience and spending their time doing the activities they love most while soaking up the sunshine! 

Art In The Park is an Outdoor, arts-based summer camp for children ages 6 to 12. 

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About Art In The Park

Child-directed Approach

Art in the Park began over 25 years ago as the result of a collaborative effort between Trinity Bellwoods Community Children’s Group/CARE and the City of Toronto’s Trinity Community Recreation Centre. The camp is located outdoors in a secure, fenced-in area of Trinity Bellwoods Park. Today, we operate as an annual outdoor summer camp, setting itself apart from traditional programs by embracing a unique approach to childcare. While conventional models often follow structured, teacher-directed routines, our camp offers a refreshing alternative within the Ministry of Education's guidelines under the Child Care Early Years Act. Our child-directed methodology empowers campers to shape their own play and creative experiences. Individualized programming, tailored to developmental needs, emerges from keen staff observations guided by the children's interests. 

Arts in a Natural Setting

Trinity Bellwoods Park provides an immersive, unstructured natural backdrop where children and staff explore nature through various arts and environmental activities. Amid this vibrant setting, we offer a kaleidoscope of experiences – from drama and woodworking to pottery, visual arts, drumming, jewelry making, creative movement, puppetry - there really is something for every creative-child's interests. In addition to the arts experiences, qualified Counsellors and ECE staff supplement the arts programming by running additional activities such as sand and water play, sports and games, table tennis, swimming and cooperative games. 

Supporting Youth and the Community

Art In The Park aims to empower local youth in our community through employment and volunteer opportunities. Through mentorship as camp counselors, volunteers and "Leaders In Training" youth gain practical skills in childcare, event coordination, communication and leadership while fostering personal growth and development. By nurturing a sense of belonging and pride among the younger generation, we reinforce their importance as valued contributors to our community's fabric. This empowerment creates a ripple effect, inspiring campers and other young members to pursue their passions, seek opportunities, and actively engage in community life.

CARE Program

To find out more about Trinity Bellwoods Community Children's Group/CARE and the CARE Licensed after school program, please visit trinitycareprogram.ca