Art In The Park is a child-directed summer camp!

Each camper can choose what activities they spend their time doing each and every day at camp.  If you want to spend all day painting, you can! Really love the sand pit? It's yours to explore. Music, arts, textiles, sports & games...  the choice is up to YOU!

What do we DO at Art In The Park??

Art In The Park uses a child-centered approach to provide specialized art-oriented programming for children aged 6-12, meaning campers can move freely from area to area and participate in activities at their own pace. Children age 13-14 can register for our Leadership In Training Program. 

There are 5-6 outdoor, artist-run stations, in addition to other activity areas set up throughout the day. Some of the artist’s stations we have offered include:  woodworking, textiles, music, jewellery-making, drama, dance, sculpture, paper mache, clay and painting. Counsellors and ECE staff supplement the arts programming by running additional activities throughout the day. These activities include sand and water play, sports and games, table tennis and cooperative games

Program Details

Camp-Wide Activities

While most of the time AITP campers can "choose their own adventure", there are a few camp-wide activities that adhere to a schedule each week. 

What do you do when it rains??

We make every effort to keep our program outdoors as long as possible. Often, this means continuing our activities with cool temperatures and a light drizzle. Please dress your campers for the weather! :-)

However, sometimes the rain is too heavy to safely continue our programming, on these days, we move our program indoors:

Please check the weather report in the morning and dress your campers for the weather! Raincoat, boots and an umbrella are a must on days with a rainy forecast! We make an effort to get inside quickly, but sometimes the process can take a while!

If your child brings a scooter or bike, please note that it will NOT be re-located indoors as there is not enough space.

The link above will take you to our registration portal on an external site. 

Still have some questions? Visit the FAQ page!